Kari Floren​



The hardest thing for a human being to do is surrender a mindset that is no longer working.  Using conflicts that transcend cultural issues, my plays explore what happens when this belief system is forcibly challenged by circumstances or relationships, and the individual crumbles.  With the realization that yesterday's answers don't apply, he/she is left with an opportunity to build a new and more honest foundation for the future.

"In A Late Supper the characters and family situations ring fierce and true, and the writing is bold enough to never shy away from the light" 

Davida Singer

Contributing Writer, The Villager

"Floren writes full-blooded people and has a well-tuned ear for dialogue."
Victor Gluck


"A Late Supper provides hours of discussion after leaving the theater. My friend and I reacted so differently and yet in such a complex fashion, that I realized just how rich the play really was.  Several conflicting and ambiguous conclusions are equally supportable by what the text implies, without always explicitly saying.  This may well be the real power and genius under the play's deceptively casual structure."
Michael Moricz

Composer/Musical Director

​A riveting night in the theatre...Revisiting Wildfire brims with real characters with real problems that tug at the heartstrings...a play that keeps on surprising....Kari Floren's craft couldn't be higher...hats off to a remarkable playwright and a stellar production.
Joan Ross Sorkin, Playwright, Dirty Little Secret: The Secret Life of Loretta Young

Floren's talent surfaces when she exposes absurdity and socially unacceptable behavior within everyday experiences, catching people as they let their guards down in ways that feel both original and true to life. Floren's eyes, ears, and wit are all sharp."
Ronnie Reich

"In Kari Floren's writing is her ability to take a serious issue and make it really funny."
Don Grigware